by Breath After Coma

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Debut full length album by Greek alternative rock machine, Breath After Coma


released February 6, 2017

Produced, engineered and mixed by Dimitris Karpouzas at Lizard Sound Studios (www.lizardsound.com), Athens, Greece
Mastered by Steve Lado (www.facebook.com/stevelado.producer/)
Cover artwork by Lelos Matthaios (www.behance.net/LelosLovesYou)
CD Inlet photos by Athina Papagianni (www.facebook.com/athina.papagianni/?fref=ts)



all rights reserved


Breath After Coma Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Fool
You are no more my friend,
you developed with another trend
selfish as I may seem,
this is not a defense scheme
stepping in change, I'm saving my game

Burning skin on iron clothes
Every heartbeat is a heavy load
My God is here on earth
There is nothing, nothing else

No longer will I see,
this house as my fantasy
animals dressed in suits,
reminds me of armies in boots
there lies hypocrisy, we all shall meet the spade
Track Name: Duncan Harris
Every morning you wake, there are tears in your eyes
You are moving too fast, like the blood in your veins
You are feeling so small in a big empty house

You're the talk of the town, feel their hate upon you
So much deeds in vain, nobody understands you
If you're looking for love no they don't love you

There's a reason you lie; all the things that you hide
There's a reason you cry; all the flowers must die
If I sing you a song, will you whisper my name?
Try to sing along, you must forget your pain

No you don't need a gun to put an end to all this
I have been where you are, I have seen what you've seen
If you're feeling alone look at the bright side
Track Name: Yellow Sky
Crowded city blurry eyes, I'm in a fairy tale
Feel like I'm the victim again
Can't get rid of human lies
I bury 'em in my soul
Cause in the end, together we will fall

This ain't a song, it's not me
This is a man who can't erase what's beyond
This ain't a dream, it's happening
I never knew what I was bound to feel
To fly or to be dead?

Crazy airplane, yellow sky
I seek the land of Utopia
Her waves should wipe out my tears

I keep wanting more of what I wished for
Here's a ticket for the play in my dream
Deep from my heart I hear a lion scream
Track Name: I the Animal
You cut me sharp and your blade is running
You give me wounds, oh you are so cunning
You live to hurt and I beg to differ
Our war is old still you need to be here

You breed all needs like there's still belief
I did my deeds and I raised hell
I fed your lights locked up my pride
Left all drained in this boy

Phoenix rises from the dark
No pain - In denial
Read your future in my palm
I the space, You the astronaut

Words put down in ink
Thirst and primal greed
Carved so deep on your molten throne

Come on and tell me who enjoys the most
At what cost? Say, what's your cost?
Track Name: So it Goes
Don't tell me it's alright
My half soul died last night
The only cornerstone
In my life was you
You cry, I lose my sight cause you're my home

The city leaves no choice
I'm haunted by your voice
I have to start again
Bad days don't seem to end

My soul burst into light
You were my home
I'm wounded from this fight
And so it goes
This path that I roam, I stand all alone

Don't seek me if I run
I'm over this, I'm done
The last words that you said
Blurry tattoos upon my chest

Nothing left that's true
Track Name: I Dare Say
Sometimes I see through thin air
And all of a sudden I don't care
No one seems to get to me
I'm tired of this brutality

Clocks ticking rhythmically
With you I lose all reality
I want to become this new man
Future, present become one

No more softening of sentiments
No more words with no sense
Now it's time to make this world better

Hear me, this is my low
Maybe, I don't give a blow
I dare say

Polite is the mask of hypocrisy
I play this game in all honesty
Based on need they preach their law and order
But tomorrow I'll be older

I got no time to lose my babe
Take my hand and let's go crazy
To be different is no crime
Public consciousness not mine

I won't let go
Track Name: The Love I Never Had
need to go away tonight
I have to rest myself a while
I need to search myself for answers
I have to seek my soul for truth
I hate the man I am becoming
I hate the man I used to be

I'm dreaming, is this the point of no return?
I'm bleeding, I wanna see me shine again
I love you, I don't expect you coming back
I'm losing all the love I never had

I want to breathe your satisfaction
I wanna share some apathy with you
I want your wine-blood to take me over
Cause my veins still have the colour blue
I hate the man I am becoming
I hate the man I used to be

Hey stranger, is this the point of no return?
I'm breaking, I can't believe I lost it all
I'm losing all the love I never had
Hey stranger, can't you see
I'm lost inside my world

I stop the car into the unknown
A rose in one hand, the other one holds a stone
I tried so hard to live a life alone
Set fire to the past to light my way back home
Track Name: Live in the City
I live in a city
Many miles away
Fuck our crazy nature
I shine every day

I'm having so much fun
I want to explode
If you want to share things with me
Babe let's roll

Oh this life is wonderful
Please go hard on me
Not a chance to screw my vibes
I'm on the lead

Even when I leave her
I feel no misery
I ride facing sunshine
I'm almost reaching it

I'm never tired of lovers
I love all my friends
Stop your sad illusions
We choose our happiness
Track Name: Leaders
We are the leaders
The past is gone
We can't roll back now
Give me a reason
To stand by you
I wanna go on

We are the leaders
We can't go on
We're stuck in our history
Give us a reason
For moving on
We're sick of our home

I can't let go of the voices in my head
I wanna burst i just want to escape